Improvements to school premises for 2021-22

We’ve been hard at work over the summer holidays and October half-term making aesthetic and structural improvements to our school buildings for the 2021-22 academic year.

We strongly believe that our schools should be inspiring places for our pupils to learn and for staff to work, and we’re excited to share some of them with you!

All of our premises improvements from the last 12 months in full:

  • Fire safety works at English Martyrs.
  • Roofing (main building) at Holy Family & St Michael’s.
  • External doors, access control and fire safety works at Sacred Heart.
  • Hall, emergency lighting, final exit doors, windows and fire safety works at St Benedict’s.
  • Roofing (main building), external doors and fire safety works at St Ignatius.
  • Roofing (1 & 6), external lighting at St John the Baptist.
  • Suspended ceiling, new windows (scheduled for February 2022) and H&S (playground) at St Joseph’s Castleford.
  • Roofing (Reception) at St Joseph’s Moorthorpe.
  • H&S (playground) and external doors at St Joseph’s Pontefract.
  • New energy-efficient boiler system at St Mary’s Selby.
  • Roofing (Hall, Theatre & C Block) and new energy-efficient boilers currently being installed at St Thomas à Becket.
  • Roofing (W, J & B Block), Sixth Form Common Room, Visitor Reception, new pupil entrance at St Wilfrid’s.
  • Upgrades to electrical and water storage systems, new fire alarm, upgrades of internal fixtures and fittings at Holy Family Carlton.
  • LED external lighting upgrades, external fire audits including reviews of fire doors and compartmentation across all 15 schools.

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