Our Mission

Vision: the why

Inspired by faith and the words of our patron Bishop Konstant, our vision is to create a family of schools where love, friendship, and joy flourish. By nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of each member of our community, we empower our pupils to become lifelong learners, faithful disciples, and compassionate agents of positive change in the world.

The BKCAT Hymn: Inspired by Faith

Mission: the how

“Inspired by faith through love, friendship and joy.”


We embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ, infusing every aspect of our Trust with love. Our pupils, families, and staff are encouraged to show compassion, kindness, and respect to one another, creating nurturing environments where everyone feels valued and loved. We foster a deep sense of love for God, self, and others, empowering our pupils to make positive contributions to society.


We recognise the importance of relationships and the power of friendship in shaping lives. Our schools foster an atmosphere of genuine fellowship, where pupils form deep connections with their peers, teachers, and the wider community. We promote inclusivity, understanding, and empathy, cultivating an environment where diversity is embraced and friendships are built on mutual respect. Our pupils learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and service, as they become compassionate leaders who forge lasting friendships rooted in faith.


We believe that joy is a reflection of God’s presence in our lives. Our schools are places where joy abounds, where pupils are encouraged to find joy in learning, discovering their talents, and building meaningful relationships. Through engaging and innovative teaching, we inspire a lifelong love of learning, instilling in our students a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. We celebrate achievements, milestones, and special moments, ensuring that joy permeates our school communities.